Anita and Theresa’s day becomes interesting when a mystery man, Kyle, breaks down in the village. Anita’s dreams are soon dashed when Kyle, impressed by Theresa’s mechanical expertise, offers to take her out for a spin, leaving Anita behind. Although she feels a bad for her friend, it’s obvious Theresa is smitten.

Suzanne’s resentful at Rhys and Josh’s attempts at celebrating her birthday and invites Darren over. As a flirty Suzanne dances the night away, a tipsy Josh and Rhys await her return. When she arrives back Rhys has no qualms in telling her exactly what he thinks of her, and an angry Suzanne slaps him before he storms out.

Michaela refuses to speak to Zak until Jacqui suggests she hears him out, but Michaela still sends him packing. About to launch her engagement ring into the River, Zak’s seized with renewed hope and decides to fight for his girl.

Also; India wakes with a hangover and Dave enjoys winding her up by telling her they had an amazing night together. Sadly for Dave, the gag backfires when Charlotte tells him that India’s so embarrassed she’s thinking of leaving Hollyoaks. Dave admits that nothing happened, but India’s piqued to discover that even though she was up for it, he turned her down.

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