Theresa models for Zoe

Theresa wants to get into modelling and volunteers as a model for Zoe’s Buff TV project but Zoe turns her down for being too young. Loretta gives Theresa tips on modelling and erotic dancing work and Theresa takes sample photos to attract an agent. Theresa shows Zoe the saucy shots and Zoe goes against her principles and hires her, as she’s desperate for a suitable model.

Cindy feels inadequate when Holly wonders what Tony sees in her. Cindy looks for reassurance from Tony that he’s interested in more than just her body and she storms off when Tony doesn’t give her any indication that he appreciates any of her other assets. Cindy vows that it’s time for a change and she turns up at Il Gnosh in a demure outfit and Tony is less than impressed. Cindy comes the conclusion that Tony will never marry her and she finishes with him.

Newt tells Jack and Frankie the good news about his results and they are delighted for him. Newt’s mum fails to get in touch and Newt tells Darren he was hoping his mum would at least have shown an interest if nothing else. Frankie and Jack reassure Newt that they may be just his foster parents but they couldn’t be more proud of him.

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