When Theresa confronts Patrick about him kissing Maxine, he admits he wants to get back with his wife. As Patrick pursues Maxine, a spurned Theresa throws her smoothie over him. Maxine forcefully tells Patrick that she’ll never get back with him and makes up with Darren. Later, Patrick tells Theresa he does want her, but Theresa tells him she wants half the money from their scam.

Meanwhile, Grace and Kim bump into Frankie at the Bean, who reveals that Kim gave Curtis to her and Jack. Kim tries to calm Grace down and comes up with a plan. Kim asks Frankie if she can babysit Curtis but takes him to see Grace and suggests the three of them run away together.

Elsewhere, Dylan’s keen to get involved in Trevor’s business when he sees his dad talking shop with Robbie. Robbie spots Kyle talking to Holly and, when Kyle comes to the club to buy drugs, Robbie warns him off. Robbie confronts Holly and accidentally reveals that Jason and Cindy kissed. Dylan wants to prove himself and does a deal with Kyle, while Trevor tells Robbie he’s planning to kill Kim.

Also, Jason says sorry to Holly with a huge bunch of flowers. Holly’s still keen to keep Jason at arm’s length for now and Cindy feels guilty for the trouble she’s caused.