Theresa snogs Newt!

Lauren invites Newt over to revise and is disappointed when he reveals that he’s invited Theresa. Lauren is even more dismayed when Theresa turns up with Anita and several bottles of cider. Lauren gets Anita into trouble when she dares her to steal from Drive N Buy and, by the time Leo gets home, a drunk Lauren is throwing up. Newt and Theresa are left alone and end up snogging!

Josh arranges for music promoter Rob Mackie to see the band but he panics when the bickering band starts to fall apart. Josh asks Lydia to pick Rob up from the airport but he’s forced to abandon an exam to go himself when Lydia has to pull out. Josh manages to cajole the band into a truce but he’s forced to ask Rhys to take Lydia’s place in the band.

Zoe tries to negotiate with tutor Adrian about her plagiarised script but he makes it clear that she either beds him or faces failure. A miserable Zoe can’t see any way of saving her dream and when Adrian turns up at the SU bar and smugly offers to buy Zoe a drink she can barely stop herself from hitting him.

Also, Michaela offers to let a dubious Zak move in after graduating.

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