Jacqui and Theresa try to convince Myra that Kyle was causing trouble because he’s in denial about being a dad. As a bereaved Carmel bemoans what a good dad Calvin would’ve made, an angry Malachy threatens to teach Kyle a lesson. But when he stops to think about it, Mal is confused that Kyle’s denying being the baby’s father so adamantly – it makes no sense. With Mal asking too many questions, the pressure is mounting and Theresa decides it’s time to tell Myra the truth.

Josh is over the moon to get a job interview to work in a record shop, but his happiness is short-lived when he arrives. They ask Josh about the gap on his CV and he’s forced to admit that he’s been inside. Josh fails to get the job. He admits to a guilty Rhys that his life has been ruined and it’s all because he drove over the limit. Rhys tries to buoy his brother, but when Suzanne and Neville decide that the Ashworths need a fresh start, there’s some bad news for Josh.

Elsewhere, Cheryl denies the hot rumours that she’s a lesbian; Steph struggles to deal with Loretta’s insistent claims that Jake is going mad.

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