Theresa’s thrilled when Myra gives her a charm bracelet, just like the one her mum was supposed to bring her for Christmas. Later, whilst Myra and Michaela are at home they hear a bang on the window, as Myra opens the door she’s shocked to see its Kathleen.

Kathleen’s asks for the money Theresa’s dad left her – she needs it to get to Spain. Disgusted, Myra throws her out. Later, as Kathleen is heading past Theresa at the bus stop, her conscience is pricked and she pulls over. She announces to a thrilled Theresa that she’s staying put!

Hannah’s been admitted for further treatment and when her family return to her bedside they discover she’s disappeared. Darren finds her and decides to help her escape. Hannah’s surprised to find Darren’s leaving with her after helping himself to cash from Steph’s till and the pair head off…

Also; Fernando attempts to bribe Tom with £10 to tell Steph he’s enjoyed his day falls flat and fearing the worst, Fernando’s worried about what Tom will tell Steph. Arriving back at Mobs, he’s thrilled to hear Tom admit how much he’s enjoyed the day. It looks like calm has finally been restored to Steph’s life…

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