Theresa’s the only one for Newt

Newt and Lauren are working together in Relish. Theresa turns up and she and Lauren make digs at each other. Newt asks Frankie if he can bring someone to tea and he when he goes on his lunch break he asks Theresa. Meanwhile, Frankie mistakenly thinks he means Lauren and pops into Relish to confirm the invite. Lauren realises that the invite is for Theresa but decides to turn up anyway.

Lauren tries to make Theresa look stupid in front of Newt’s family and Steph tells her off for being childish. Newt tells Frankie that no girl makes him feel as good as Theresa and a heartbroken Lauren overhears and flees back home to burn all the presents that Newt has ever given her. Meanwhile, Theresa is flattered by Newt’s praise and takes him back to hers for some passion.

Zak notices that their stash of money is short and the lads pull the flat apart looking for the missing loot. Archie lays a trap to catch the thief and appears to have caught Zak red-handed. Meanwhile, the real culprit Elliot has gone with Leila to pay the fine she incurred for drawing on the street. Leila just gets a caution and Elliot sneaks the money back into the bag.

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