‘These motors have to go, Kevin!’

Phil tells Kevin to get rid of the dodgy cars immediately but Kevin doesn’t quite grasp what’s going on and instead goes all out to sell the cars. Kevin reels when Phil reveals the cars are cut and shut and he decides to get them crushed. Kevin gets rid of all but one of the cars and locks up the car lot. But he is horrified when he later returns to discover that Denise has done a sale behind his back and sold the car to new driver Yolande.

Jack asks Ronnie if she will let him make things up to her and he asks her out. Ronnie tells Jack that she has already got a date for the evening and Jack is intrigued. Jack realise that he can’t compete when Ronnie reveals that she’s got a ‘date’ with Ben at the panto!

Tanya is furious when she wakes up and discovers that Abi has taken Oscar to see Max. She flips out when Max brings them home and tells him she wants a divorce. Meanwhile. Bradley tells Stacey that he wants her out of the flat.

Also, Heather worries that Vinnie is stringing Shirley along when she hears him calling someone ‘sweetheart’ on the phone.

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