Things are grim for Donna & Marlon

Donna’s confidence has been knocked by Marlon and she is hesitant about going for her police interview. But when Marlon insinuates that she’s been carrying on with Ross, an angry Donna has a dramatic change of heart. Donna passes her interview with flying colours and Marlon congratulates her but he asks her again whether she’s carrying on with Ross. A furious Donna claims he has ruined her day.

Viv is downhearted about her career as a writer as her book sales have been a disaster. When a potential customer called Freddie arrives for the book launch, not realising he’s got the wrong day, an unwitting Viv is rude to him. Freddie ignores Viv’s foul mood and instead offers her a job working for his children’s charity!

Louise worries about Jamie’s faithfulness when Terry suggests he’s up to something. Meanwhile, Jamie meets up with wine expert Amelia in a bid to gain some knowledge to impress Louise. Jamie and Amelia get tipsy and Amelia tries to seduce him, but he insists that Louise is the love of his life. When a drunk Jamie returns to Louise and is secretive about his whereabouts Louise fears her suspicions have been confirmed.

Also, Debbie goes on a date with her handsome stranger Sean.