Things are looking bad for Romeo

Romeo has surgery on his injured knee but suffers intense pain after the operation, worrying Sid who has him rushed back into theatre. It’s serious and Ruby is shocked to learn that Romeo may lose his leg! Fortunately the surgery goes well and Romeo’s out of danger but when he finally wakes, Ruby’s unhappy to hear him call out for Indi.

Meanwhile, Logan invites Indi out for dinner and, though she hesitates, Roo manages to push her into it. Logan wants to whisk her away to Hong Kong for a few days but Indi isn’t happy about taking his handouts. While she’s at the restaurant, Sid arrives with news of Romeo’s condition and Indi rushes to the hospital only to be told by Ruby that Romeo’s asleep and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Heath wants to be more involved with the baby but Bianca keeps pushing him away and asks April to be her birthing partner. Heath tries to get April to keep him informed with baby developments which she refuses to do but tells Bianca, who eventually relents, allowing him to be more involved with things.