Things don’t look good for Michael

Having Rebecca evicted from the hotel backfires for Paul when Michael moves her in. Michael thanks Paul, telling him he wanted to ask Rebecca to move in anyway. She takes India with her and luckily, Lucas offers for him to stay in the shed with him. However, Lucas asks Kate if Declan can have Lucas’s old room as he needs somewhere with a shower as he is having job interviews. Kate agrees, but points out it’s only for a few days.

Paul turns his attention to Michael and cancels his contract with the school, meaning they need to find a new caterer. Things get harder when the kids start acting up and David from the school board turns up with a complaint from a parent about there not being any lunch for the kids today. Rebecca provides the lunches from Charlie’s but is not happy that Paul is targeting Michael as well.

With all the teachers being questioned over Michael’s performance, things don’t look good for him and, with Paul enlisting Andrew’s help, it seems they’re going to get a whole lot worse. Michael is stunned when Andrew presents David with a petition calling for Michael’s resignation. Rebecca tells Paul she is starting divorce proceedings and it’s time for him to suffer now.

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