Xavier and Dex are overloaded with work in the run-up to their exams and are looking forward to a Year 12 party at the caravan park. April is constantly studying and a frustrated Dex asks Xavier how he can encourage April to be more intimate with him. Xavier’s solution is to get April to the party where she might relax, but Dex can’t convince her to go.

Miles confronts Leah about her hospital check-up and is outraged when she tells him she’s having her tubes tied. When she overhears Alf say the cot is being stored at the caravan park, Leah rushes over to get rid of it. Elijah sees her struggling to destroy it and helps her. She breaks down, crying in his arms. Leah gives Miles an ultimatum: if he wants kids, he needs to be with someone else.

Sasha and Stu are totally into each other, much to Dex’s annoyance. Faced with spending a few hours apart, Stu asks Sasha for a sexy photo he can cherish until he picks her up later for the Year 12 party. Sasha uses her phone to take a topless photo of herself and sends it to Stu. What could possibly go wrong?