Arriving at the hospital for an observational round, Ringo discovers Naomi has been hit by a car and is unconscious. Ringo is devastated and feels guilty about not returning Naomi’s calls, but Karl reassures him that he acted correctly and advises him to go home. However, Ringo is defiant and insists upon staying with Naomi. Karl then calls security to remove Ringo from the hospital. When Naomi wakes up she immediately asks for Ringo.

At Erinsborough High, Michael has implemented a first name policy between the teachers and students, to improve their relationship. In Libby’s class, the children take advantage of this and call Libby names such as ‘Lib’ and even ‘Libmeister’. Libby, exasperated and irritated, overrules the policy and returns to the old ways. After Libby confronts Natasha about the use of mobile phones in class, Natasha exacts her revenge by pointing out to her dad that his employee is undermining his rules.

Naomi has been transferred to the hospital psychology ward, and when RIngo pays her a visit she berates him for his lack of help. Karl is outraged that Ringo visited Naomi, and reminds him to maintain a degree of professionalism. Ringo feels he is no longer capable of being a paramedic and quits.

Has Ringo made the right decision?

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