Things get worse for Archie…

Charlotte, Lydia and Josh join the party at The Loft as Archie and Dave arrive back at halls to find the door open. Terrified, the lads make their way in and find the mannequin with a note saying ‘your friends first’. Archie’s convinced Lydia’s responsible. Back at the flat, Hayley hears a knock at the door. She goes out to investigate, unaware that a cloaked figure has slipped into the flat behind her.

Gaz tries to befriend Lauren when Newt heads over to check she’s OK. He’s shocked when Lauren agrees to meet Gaz later and tells Newt to back off. Lauren’s suspicious that Gaz is trying to set her up and gets her revenge by covering him in paint as she films it on her mobile.

Sasha and Mercedes are still at odds with each other as they decorate The Loft for their Halloween party. Jake tries to save Mercedes from falling off a ladder and accidently grabs her bum. The two girls side against him, until they remember they don’t actually get on, leaving the night to end in Chaos.

Also; Tony and Cindy take Holly and Tom trick or treating and Cindy’s not impressed when Tony turns up with a giant pumpkin costume; Darren realises he’s missed Cindy’s company.

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