Things get worse for Chris

Despite Rhys’s suggestion to take it easy, a bruised Chris heads out with his friends in anticipation of their pending VCE results. Meanwhile, Summer’s guilt over cheating resurfaces as her nerves build, but to her relief, she gets the marks to do the uni course she wants to.

Determined to move on from his attack and focus on what he wants to do next year, Chris heads back to the garage. But just as Rhys realises they never should have let him leave the hospital, Chris collapses. Rhys rushes off to find him, but with Chris’s life hanging in the balance, will he get there in time?

As Lucas works to identify Chris’s attacker, he learns the bashing was linked to his decision not to sell the garage. Wanting answers, Lucas heads straight to Peter Noonan. However while waiting for him, Lucas spies Chris’s attacker. Realising Peter’s involved somehow, Lucas returns with the police. But will Lucas’s suspicion prove to be correct?

Karl’s frustrations threaten to boil over until Toadie finally lets him and Susan out. Sonya excitedly prepares to start trying for a baby but, feeling for Susan and her predicament, Toadie invites her to temporarily move in with them.