Things get worse for Jacqui

Tony worries when Jacqui has to undergo yet another X-ray test, and is further upset when the doctor ushers him out of the room to speak to Jacqui confidentially about her condition. Jacqui is devastated when the doctor tells her it will be very difficult for her to get pregnant in the future, and Tony is close to tears when he learns of Jacqui’s predicament.

After nearly being caught out by Jake, John-Paul worries about the future of his relationship with Craig. He is gutted when Craig not only refuses to make their relationship public, but also denies being gay. Meanwhile, Spike is curious when Craig seems touchy at the mention of John-Paul’s name.

With the bailiffs waiting to pounce, Jessica agrees to Adam’s dodgy plan to rip off antiques from desperate, recently widowed women. She feels uneasy at conning grieving widows, but will the prospect of making shedloads of cash be too much to resist?

With everyone seriously concerned at the changes in Hannah’s appearance, Suzanne turns to Gilly for advice and is shocked to hear his suspicions that Hannah is taking drugs. She heads home to demand to know why Hannah has lost so much weight, and Hannah and Melissa are forced into a shock admission.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday September 11*