Things get worse for Kate

Kate’s having a bad day when Jade snubs her and Kyle tells her off for interfering but she soon has bigger problems to deal with when the Salvation Army representative calls for a routine inspection of the house. Realising the house could be reclaimed, Sophie lies that she’s still living there, but Kate’s had enough of lying and comes clean about their situation. Unfortunately, the Salvation Army need funds for people in more need than Kate; the house must be sold…

Vanessa is shocked when Rhys shows little concern for Kyle’s situation and worries about her boyfriend’s selfishness. However, she’s pleasantly surprised when Rhys generously helps Kyle and is convinced she’s changing him.

Priya is disappointed Ajay hadn’t mentioned that he was being earmarked for state parliament and, though she stands by him in public, she tells Susan that she’s worried about the implications for their family life. Susan tries to help her see that this could be a great opportunity for the family.