Summer begins working on her school project, a Zombie movie, but she’s reluctant to cast Andrew as the lead. However, when she casts Kyle, it’s quickly apparent that he isn’t right for the role, and Summer relents and asks Andrew.

Back at the Scully’s Summer fills in for Tash and has to act alongside Andrew. It’s clear to Chris and Tash that the chemistry is very much back between Summer and Andrew. The pair plan to meet for coffee later, just the two of them, and Summer finally has a smile on her face. However, when Lyn arrives home, telling Summer they’re moving to be nearer to Steph, her newfound happiness is over.

Jade isn’t happy when she finds out that Troy is still in town, and tells Sonya to tell him to leave. Sonya explains that he wants to meet Callum and she can’t stop him so she needs to find out if he’s really changed.

Out in the park, Sonya assures Troy he will meet Callum and when he asks after her gran, Sonya gets upset, explaining that she passed away. Typically, as Troy comforts Sonya, Toadie looks on. Later, while Callum’s playing in the street Troy approaches him and Toadie is furious when he finds out.