Things heat up between Casey and Denny

The sparks between Casey and Denny continue to fly when Denny signs up to do boot camp. In fact, Casey’s so flustered by her presence he trips over all the equipment. Denny tells Oscar she’s scared to act on her feelings because of Chris, but Oscar encourages her to do what makes her happy. Denny tracks down Casey and kisses him.

Sasha’s job at the Diner is in serious jeopardy after Irene caught her and Matt in the act. Later, a hot-tempered Sasha quits her job, thinking Matt is employed by Angelo’s. Matt begs Kyle for a chance at the restaurant but is turned away. In a change of luck, Zac speaks to Kyle and Matt is eventually given the job.

Phoebe lets slip to Darcy that Heath is trying to get custody. Heath has to sit Darcy down and asks her not to get her hopes up as they failed last time. He also asks her not to say anything to her grandmother.

Meanwhile, Kyle cheers Phoebe up by telling her that moving out is a great idea.