Cheryl is planning a meal for the Valentines and invites Gilly along. Much to Lauren and Leo’s horror, Calvin tells them that Gilly is being used to make him jealous. Lauren tells everyone and Gilly threatens to take Calvin outside. After things have calmed down, Cheryl walks Gilly out and tells him she’s finally over Calvin.

Lydia pleads a convincing case in court, while Charlotte looks on. As the case continues, the knife that was used to cut the parachute is shown. Lydia panics. She knows that if Charlotte sees the knife, she will recognise it as her own and realise who was really to blame for Sarah’s death.

Charlotte spots the knife and when she and Lydia get back to halls, Charlotte gets Lydia to confess she was the one who cut the parachute and killed Sarah. Lydia explains that it was meant for her and she wanted to die, and if she went to prison she would kill herself.

Also; India overhears Gilly and Rhys talking about Calvin on her first day at the Dog and tells them how much she likes him. After a few failed attempts to tell Josh privately, Rhys announces it in front of India, humiliating Josh.

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