Things heat up between Jason and Tina

Platt can’t contain his excitement at the thought of Gary going to prison. But, as the day of Gary’s court case arrives the Windasses are dreading the outcome. Still angry at his grandson’s behaviour, and the effect it’s having on the Windasses, Ted bans David from coming to court.

Molly and Kevin are both confused about their feelings for each other and their mixed emotions are threatening to cause problems at home. Kevin finds himself rowing with Sally about Rosie, she is getting too big for her boots and he doesn’t like her fraternising with Luke. While over at number 9 Molly and Tyrone are at loggerheads over Jack and Connie’s relationship. Later Molly calls in the garage to clear the air with Kevin but their conversation leaves them both more confused than ever.

Maria and Tony have settled in to number 7 but Maria is desperate to have her baby. She reads Tony some ideas from her maternity book – and there is an embarrassing moment for the pair when one of the suggestions to bring on labour is sex!

Also, An excited Fiz tells a concerned Hayley about her proposal to John; Jesse calls into the Rovers to see Eileen with exciting consequences.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David can’t hide his glee when the Windasses arrive back from court without Gary. As he gloats Tina makes it clear that she hates David but cocky as ever he’s convinced she’ll come round. Meanwhile, Tina’s got other ideas and as she shares a drink with Jason she decides to take the lead. When they get back to the Grimshaws Tina’s had enough of games and when she asks Jason to kiss her he finally makes his move.

Webster and Molly are flirting shamelessly when Sally bangs on the garage door. Panicking Molly hides in the boot of a car. She’s about to make her escape but then Tyrone arrives and she’s forced to stay put while Sally arranges for the four to go for a drink together. In the Rovers Kevin and Molly can’t keep their eyes off each other and when they snatch a moment alone at the bar Kevin asks her to go running tomorrow, just the two of them…

Eileen finally makes her move on Jesse but when they arrive back at the Grimshaws they open the door to find Jason and Tina in an embarrassing clinch.

Also, Tony cooks Tina a curry as they enjoy a cosy night in.

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