Things heat up between Keane and Stone

Pc Sally Armstrong fills DCI Jack Meadows in on her first week undercover at a city trading house. He’s pleased when she admits she has managed to get in with one of the suspects Andrew Shield in the case of missing 21-year-old, Geraldine.

When Sergeant Stone gloats to Pc Emma Keane about choosing Sally, Emma demands to know what his problem is. She says she thinks he wants someone he can control. Emma moves in closer and whispers that maybe he’d like to handle her but he just doesn’t have the balls, leaving the Sergeant hot under the collar.

Later, Sally is delighted when she is invited on a boozy night out with the traders. She tells Jack that all of the suspects will be there and they’ve told her to bring a friend along. Sally believes that Emma is perfect.

Emma starts to connect with Shield and boldly goes back to his place knowing she’s close to being taken into his confidence – but how far will she go to get the truth?