Things heat up between Michael and Rebecca

Kate, Donna and Declan plan an afternoon of DVDs, and Rebecca invites Michael and Natasha over. However, Michael isn’t aware that Tash is upstairs with Andrew, and she sneaks out. As they watch the film Kate gets a text from Mark, and Declan leaves. In Harold’s, Mark and Declan continue to clash in their bid for Kate’s attention.

With Natasha and Andrew back together, Summer sits in Harold’s, miserable. When the pair arrive, Summer asks Andrew why he’s with Tash. He explains that Tash is fun, and that’s all he wants. Later, Tash and Andrew head to the bloke’s club to check it out as a party location when Declan arrives and tells them he’s calling the police as they’re trespassing. However, instead of the police, he calls Paul, Rebecca and Michael. When Paul and Michael start blaming each other’s kids, they end up fighting.

Michael tells Tash not to get involved with Andrew and that the whole Robinson family is bad news, not knowing that Rebecca had walked in. Michael apologies but asks Rebecca why she is staying in her loveless marriage. She tells him to leave. Later, Michael returns to sort things out and things get heated between them. Will they give into their feelings?

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