Things heat up between Molly and Kevin

Molly and Kevin set off for their run while the sexual tension mounts. As they finish their session in the park they can no longer fight their urges. Buoyed by adrenaline and sexual tension they collapse on the grass and kiss passionately.

Rosie takes delivery of a new sports car and Kevin can’t believe she’s wasted £23k on a car when she can’t even drive. But Sally’s thrilled with her daughter’s new-found wealth, as is Luke. While admiring both the car and Rosie he reapplies the pressure on her to invest in Underworld. But while Rosie revels in the attention. She is unsure whether she can trust his motives.

Tony comforts Maria who’s fed up with being overweight and waiting for the baby to arrive. Audrey and Natasha gossip about Maria’s burgeoning relationship with Tony, meanwhile, convinced there’s more to it than just friendship.

Also, Jason gets the best birthday present ever when Tina agrees to go for a drink in the Rovers with him, along with Eileen and Jessie; Jessie agrees to give Kirk a trial at a children’s fete; Bill and Pam agree to put the personal ads incident behind them.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Molly and Kevin pull apart and set off back to the street, both in denial about the affair they’re starting. But when Sally tells Kevin to get Molly to work on the garage accounts they’re thrown back together. Unable to resist the sexual tension things are soon heating up in the garage – until Rosie appears!

Tony’s furious with Janice when she loses one of Underworld’s best customers. When Rosie then announces she’s done a deal with Luke and is now his partner, with a nine per cent share and a design remit, Tony’s further unimpressed. However, in a bid to make the best of a bad situation Tony says he’ll accept it on the condition that Rosie takes back her old job as PA and demotes Janice.

Tony’s worried when he can’t get hold of Maria. Finding her in the pub he causes a bit of a scene by telling her off in front of her friends for switching her phone off. Maria’s furious and as the pair bicker Eileen points out that they’re behaving like a married couple.

Also, Tina joins Jason for a celebratory drink, but just as she gives him a birthday kiss David walks in; Kirk’s first fete goes badly; Jesse invites Eileen back to his empty house.

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