After Zeke confesses his feelings for Donna, things start to heat up between them. But when Donna has trouble explaining why she doesn’t want to continue things upstairs, Zeke assumes it’s because she still sees him as his old uncool and nerdy self and their friendship seems to be over. But when Donna explains that it’s because she doesn’t want to be like her mother – finding validation in physical relationships – their connection is finally repaired. Lifted up by his growing feelings for Donna, Zeke connects with Karl.

Realising that Miranda has found strength in her independence, Steve is left to consider his newly acquired single status. Alone in Charlie’s, Steve enjoys the attention of a young, attractive and overly friendly young woman. He considers asking her out, only to find he’s misconstrued the situation.

The suppressed chemistry between Elle and Lucas complicates a work assignment, and Elle is frustrated by her jealousy when Lucas admits that he is seeing somebody new. Lucas’s continued distraction pushes Elle to the end of her tether. Regretting her actions, Elle turns to Donna for help. But when Lucas works out what she is up to, Elle furiously denies it. Will she ever admit how she feels?

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