Things heat up for Indi in Hawaii

Sid regrets how he’s handled the situation with Indi, unaware that she’s packing her bags for Hawaii. Romeo tells Roo he’s taking Indi along and she is unimpressed. Sid is even less impressed when he finds out about Indi’s decision.

Sid drowns his sorrows with Miles, to avoid facing his problems with Marilyn. The morning after, Miles tries to make Sid see he just needs to be honest with Marilyn. But when Sid goes home to try and do just that, he finds Marilyn has already planned a romantic night for them. In the haze of romance, Marilyn thinks everything is as it should be but Sid feels miserable.

Roo is determined to punish Romeo for bringing Indi, by working him hard at the expo in Hawaii. There they meet Marty, the Richard Branson of Hawaii, who takes a shining to Indi’s business acumen. With Indi outshining him, Romeo feels a little dejected and like he’s dragging Indi down.

When Marty offers Indi a placement with his business, Romeo suggests she take it, but Indi wants to stay with Romeo. But when Indi sounds like she’s seriously thinking about the offer, Romeo is afraid of losing her and asks her to marry him! What will Indi say?

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