Amy panics that Olly is getting frustrated with her as they haven’t slept together yet. With Ste scheduled to work all evening, Olly promises a seething Ste that tonight’s the night. Intent on stopping Olly from bedding Amy, Ste changes his shift, but Olly sneaks out and shuts him in Relish’s walk-in fridge. As Ste starts to shiver, things hot up between Amy and Olly. But then Amy realises she’s still not ready.

Steph tries to comes to terms with the news about her health and, confused by her sudden coolness, Gilly fears she’s missing Max. But Steph can’t bring herself to tell Gilly the truth, so pushes him away.

Jake asks himself the burning question – is Loretta controlling him? Her ex-boyfriend Adam shows up and warns Jake that she’s dangerous and he should steer clear. But as the scales fall away from Jake’s eyes, Loretta makes herself at home at the Osbornes’. With his concerns about possessive Loretta falling on deaf ears, Jake is stumped on what to do next.

Also; Josh dismally contemplates the charges he’s facing in court tomorrow – they’re certain to bang him up. Dave announces that, as it’s Josh’s last day of freedom, they’re going to have some fun.

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