Things hot up for Gilly And Lynsey!

Love is in the air for Gilly and Lynsey. It’s clear they’re both smitten but Gilly is nervous about making the first move. When their personal training fun turns to frolics in the hot tub Lindsey bites the bullet and the pair get passionate.

Theresa turns up at the club and asks to speak to Warren. He tries to reassure a panicked Theresa that the rumours about Kyle being back are false. But outside Brendan is listening to the whole thing and only he knows the truth. But later he wonders how a girl like Theresa could have shot Calvin.

Rae agrees that Ste can be part of their baby’s life but on one condition. He must start living his true life and admit to everyone that he’s gay. Later, Ste tells Brendan who angrily states that he doesn’t care what Ste does as long as he doesn’t out him. Later, Brendan angrily threatens Rae, however as terror strikes she suddenly clutches her stomach and thinks there’s something wrong with the baby.

Also; Jacqui tells Theresa that she will have to leave Hollyoaks if they are ever to have any peace.

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