Are things over between Justin and Phoebe?

Phoebe is reeling from Justin's shock proposal in Summer Bay

Phoebe is stunned by Justin’s marriage proposal and ends up locking herself in the bathroom. When she finally leaves the bathroom she storms off without saying a word to Justin.

She buys herself a bottle of alcohol and turns up at the Farmhouse. She pours her heart out to Evelyn and Mat while becoming drunk and ignoring Justin’s phone calls in the process.

Later, Matt tells Justin Phoebe’s at the Farmhouse. The next morning, Justin arrives to pick up Phoebe and the pair get into another disagreement regarding Justin’s proposal. Will Justin’s proposal-gone-wrong end their relationship?

VJ struggles to balance his father duties and schoolwork. Leah tries to ease his load by looking after Luc, but both are struggling with the demands of parenthood. Irene sees that Leah and VJ need help and offers to take Luc for the night; will VJ take her up on the offer?