Are things over between Justin and Scarlett?

Who will Scarlett choose? Justin? Or Caleb?

Scarlett is discharged from the hospital and Caleb is there to take her home. When they arrive back at the apartment, it’s clear that Caleb and Scarlett have bonded during her stint in hospital. The next day, Scarlett texts Justin and asks why he’s been so distant and he explains that Mason has been going through a tough time. The pair bump into each other and Justin tells Scarlett that things are over, while Caleb is still in the picture. Are things really over for the pair?

Meanwhile, Mason is in shock as he sees Beth standing in his bedroom. He tells her that she’s just a figment of his imagination, but she says she’s real. However, Beth disappears when Raffy enters the room. She asks Mason who he was talking to and he admits he saw Beth. Raffy says she believes ghosts exist but Mason doesn’t agree. Later, Mason sees Beth again and the pair have a heart to heart. Is Mason really seeing ghosts?

Also, John and Marilyn are driving Brody mad at The Diner. John tries to entice Brody to spice up the menu, where Marilyn is constantly looking over his shoulder making sure he doesn’t change the recipes. Will John and Marilyn’s games be too much for Brody to handle?