Things turn sour at the sweet factory (VIDEO)

When Jai tells Megan to keep her nose out of the factory accounts, it’s clear he’s worried about the business. Just before slipping out to lunch, however, Megan sneaks a file into her handbag. As she casts her eye over the accounts, she’s shocked to find the factory is in financial difficulty. And when Megan reveals that she knows, Jai is not impressed that she’s been snooping and the couple have a row.

Meanwhile, Leyla gets a shock when she gets her bank statement. After being left some money in the will of a former boss, she can’t believe how her funds have dwindled, so she decides to invest the remaining money before it all disappears.

Donna goes to the hospital in her police garb to get the latest on George, the man that Ross has beaten to a pulp, and is shocked to discover he might not come round. Seeing how bad the situation is, Donna decides to flee from the village with April. But as she says her goodbyes, Ross soon cottons on to the fact that she’s leaving him to face the consequences of their bungled robbery.