While visiting her strip club, Susan runs into Robyn, a stripper who’s trying to educate herself by reading Moby Dick. When Robin (pictured) gets sacked, Susan’s kind and caring side kicks in and she asks her to be her lodger.

Angie can’t resist berating a neighbour for failing to recycle her waste, but she seems to have given away too much about her past as an environmental activist. Meanwhile, Tom and Lynette see their shrink Dr Graham as an actress in an amateur production of Anthony And Cleopatra. They soon realise she’s a bit delusional and Lynette tells her some home truths at their next session.

At some friends’ anniversary party, Orson decides he’s had enough of life in a wheelchair and wheels himself to the edge of the swimming pool, ready to end it all. Bree catches him in the nick of time, and says she now realises she loves him and will look after him for ever.

Gaby bribes Ana not to have sex with Danny by offering her an apartment and a place at modelling school. So when Carlos catches the teens getting passionate together he flips and attacks Danny. Angie arrives and threatens Carlos not to mees with her or her family. Later, when things have cooled down, Gaby and Carlos go round to the Bolens’ house to apologise, but are just at the door when they overhear an argument and learn that the family has a secret past…

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