This time Laurel and Marlon DO kiss!

Last week’s near miss becomes a definite kiss when Laurel goes to see Marlon again. And her the Vicar’s wife! In Laurel’s defence the Vicar is Ashley, who has messed her around on more than one occasion – most notably that whole ridiculous affair (not the physical kind) with psycho Sally last year. He really does need to show Laurel more of a good time, the kind of good time Marlon is desperate to show her. Laurel goes to see Marlon to tell him off for letting Rachel know about their near-affair – and he finds her even more irresistible when she’s angry. He snatches her up in his arms and kisses her – and she kisses him back! All the while, Ashley thinks their marriage is rock solid and they’re going to try for another baby…

Talking of marriages, Charity’s supposed to be getting wed to Jai, but she and Cain are being very nice to each other. Debbie sees her mum and dad playing nice with Sarah and doesn’t like it. She’s got enough trouble with Sarah’s illness, she doesn’t need Charity and Cain reunited as the couple from hell!

Aaron needs help and, after some gentle persuasion from Chas and Hazel, he finally agrees to talk to a counsellor. Expect a lot of awkward silences.