Abby learns from disfigured former cop Cole that her father is keeping a dark secret from her. She then confronts him and learns that Wakefield once dated her mother and that Wakefield’s murder spree was an act of revenge against the sheriff, who had him put away for 17 years.

At The Candlewick, Sully and Danny find a backpack with the money Booth was meant to have buried in the woods and confront Malcolm. Guilt ridden, Malcolm then goes down to the incinerator, where he is killed (Thrack!) and his remains are thrown into the incinerator (Splat! Sizzle!), along with the money.

*Second episode*

As the guests head to the marina, Madison goes missing. Abby then receives a call from Madison, who tells her that she’ll die if anyone leaves the island.

On his way to Cole’s cabin in the wood, the sheriff steps on a trap, which releases a wooden spike that punctures his leg, and he falls unconscious.

At the police station, JD and Shane argue in their cells when the sole guard on duty is shot dead. JD then escapes, leaving Shane behind.

At the cabin, Cole gives the sheriff Wakefield’s prison journal. Two arrows then kill the former deputy and the cabin catches fire from a dropped lamp. Jimmy and Abby arrive and pull the sheriff out, who demands to be taken to the marina.

When they arrive, Sully tells them that JD has escaped. They split up, and Abby finds JD badly wounded. He tells her the murders are all about her then dies. Gurgle!