Birthday boy Sergeant Smithy pairs with Pc Roger Valentine to arrest a man who they see driving wrecklessly. The man gives his name as Alan Jones and when the address he gives Roger checks out, he’s granted bail.

Later, the real Alan Jones turns up at Sun Hill to report his car stolen. He reveals that he went to meet two men who were selling a Mercedes – and they left with his cash, his car and the Merc! Smithy organises a sting to catch the man who’s claiming to be Alan, Darren Carew. At first, Carew manages to escape. But a second undercover op results in Carew being arrested – outside a pub in his boxer shorts.

The Aldbourne Estate is being redeveloped and Sergeant June Ackland, Pc Tony Stamp and Pc Reg Hollis are hot on the heels of a suspicious lad who has run out of a flat. He refuses to give his name but Aldbourne resident Frank Harris is quick to tell them that the boy is called Devon Deeley.

Later, the officers discover Deeley and Frank fighting and June calls an ambulance when she suspects that Frank has suffered a heart attack. At St Hughs, Frank tells June that someone on the council is taking backhanders from the developers. And he’s determined to prove it!

Also, Sam Nixon has a run-in with DI Neil Manson on her first day as DI, and Smithy tells Kezia that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore.