It’s a nervy day for student nurses Aoife, Robyn and Jamie as they face interviews for permanent positions in the department – and there are only two jobs on offer!

It’s up to Tess and Charlie who they hire, knowing that one of the students is going to be disappointed by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, staff nurse Lloyd has a tough time too, having to deal with a father and son who’ve been stabbed, both victims of a local gang.

When Ash lets him perform an urgent procedure to stop one of the stab victims bleeding to death, it leads Lloyd to a big decision – to retrain as a doctor.

Oxford-born actor Benjamin Whitrow – probably best known for his portrayal of Mr Bennet in the BBC’s award-winning 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – guest stars in this week’s Casualty.

Benjamin, 76, plays a confused old man called Godfrey who comes into the ED complaining that his dog Lulu is unwell. Humouring him, nurse Robyn checks over the dog, but also gets Sam to take a look at Godfrey. Although Sam can’t find anything wrong with him, Godfrey has an insulin pen on him and tells Aoife that he’s given too much insulin to someone called Millie, but he can’t remember where he lives.

Aoife tracks down his dangerously ill wife, who later dies at the hospital. During her interview for a permanent position at the hospital, Aoife admits she initially didn’t spot Benjamin’s need for help, fellow trainee and job rival, Robyn, did. Subsequently Robyn and Jamie are offered permanent positions at the hospital, meaning it’s time for Aoife to move on.  And, at the end of this shift, Floyd tells Tess he’s going to retrain as a doctor!