Mary tries to enjoy her drink, but the atmosphere is strained between Norris and Brendan. Telling Norris to stay out of his way, Brendan heads out of the pub with Mary following closely behind.

Anna reigns Gary in as he tells Kevin that Phelan is a monster. Later, Kevin tells Anna that he’s given the contract to Jason and Phelan. Anna hides her dismay as Kevin assures her that in a few weeks the building work will be finished and Phelan will be history.

When Steph finds out how Luke and Andy badmouthed Jamie to his boss and lost him his job, she’s furious and points out their stupidity might have put Carla in hospital.

Rita tells Sophie that Jenny has been in touch via Facebook – but Sophie warns her that Jenny is bad news. When Ken offers to buy Audrey a drink, she makes out she’s too busy so Ken suggests tomorrow instead.