As Paddy explained to Chas, it’s the ‘three-ness’ of his relationship with Rhona + Marlon that he’s struggling with, and that struggle becomes an all-out fight when he comes home and notices that Marlon and Rhona stop talking when he walks in. Convinced they were talking about him, he angrily points out that while they talk to each other he’s been talking to Chas, who’s been a great support. Rhona realises Paddy was with Chas while she was giving birth and it’s all too much. She turns to Marlon and tells him she’s got to make some decisions. Uh-oh.

Declan decides not to accept Ella’s apology for missing his surprise party and she realises she may be pushing her luck. Adam’s worried, too, so Ella suggests they have a farewell fling. Yeah, that’s just the move you make when you’re scared of getting caught!

Victoria is in an unforgiving mood, too. She won’t accept Amy’s apology for lying about David, telling Amy that friends don’t lie to each other. See, that’s part of the problem right there, though. Amy’s not used to having friends – and she’ll never get used to it unless she mends her ways.