Keith Lemon returns with game show – Through the Keyhole – in which three panellists Danny Dyer, Sally Phillips and Chris Kamara are challenged to identify celebrities’ homes

The comedy panel show returns for a new series, with Danny Dyer, Sally Phillips and Chris Kamara trying to guess the identity of three famous homeowners by watching host Keith Lemon nose around mystery abodes.

The first is in Wales, ‘disguised as a country hotel’, says Keith.

Through the Keyhole - S6

Host Keith Lemon

It’s clear this home belongs to a sportsperson but will the clues of a gym that ‘feels like you’re in Spain when you’re not in Spain’ and a ‘Batman Door’ (Ballon d’Or) give the game away?

Next up is the home of a theatrical northerner, and a London flat above a newsagents with not many pointers to its owner, except for a school uniform and a photo of Paul McCartney…

Who lives in a house like this?

TV Times rating: ***