Tilly begs Chloe to stay

Carmel’s surprised when Chloe turns up at the door and says she’s willing to keep their deal if Carmel pays up, today, unaware she’s actually planning on running away. Tilly begs Chloe not to leave, but the newcomer knows there’s nothing to stay around for. Once Chloe has left, Esther tells Tilly that she’s known all along that she’s in love with Chloe and she should be with her. She tracks Chloe down at the bus stop and decides to go with her as George and Esther watch their friend leave.

Fraser, Trevor, Freddie and Jim watch Grace’s video message to them on their laptops. They need £2m by the end of the day or she dies… In the deserted car park, Fraser and Trevor come face to face with Ray, but no Grace and no money. Ray grows inpatient waiting for the cash, but just as he’s about to kill Grace, Freddie pulls up with £500k and Jim hands Ray deeds to Fraser’s £1.5m home. Ray grabs the loot and drives off, as a van arrives and Grace is thrown out on to the floor – she’s safe. Later, Freddie is welcomed into the business by Fraser, and Grace vows not to let anyone stand in the way of her and Trevor’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Theresa gets her own back on Carmel by putting a drunk Jim to bed and cosying up beside him.

And Robbie further aggravates an already furious Diane…