Tim faces Anna’s fury

Anna rails at Tim for neglecting Faye. Tim’s shocked and assures Anna he thought Faye was staying with her, but Anna flies at him. Alone with Faye a guilty Tim apologises, especially when he realises Faye said nothing about him staying away as she didn’t want to cramp his style. As Faye asks if he really wants her to live with him, Tim finally faces up to reality.

After a drink with Chesney, Sinead angles to go back to his, but insisting on an early night he walks her to the bus stop. Passing Katy clocks Sinead’s frustration and fishes about how things are with Ches. Meanwhile, Beth and Kirk are shocked to see Ryan with another girl!

When Leanne suggests a student night at the Bistro, Nick’s unsure. Realising he can use this to his advantage David encourages Leanne’s idea.

Also, Roy returns from the doctors having agreed to attend a sleep clinic.