Tim rescues Sally after her disastrous date

After a disastrous evening Sally sends her internet date packing. Having witnessed the exchange Tim heads over to find out if she’s OK…

As Rita is surrounded by a group of hoodies on the Red Rec she answers the phone to Dennis making a garbled plea for him to come and get her before the gang snatch her phone then go for her bag. As Dennis, Tina and Tommy race to the Red Rec, the thought of losing Rita terrifies Tina.

David has a change of heart and despite his guilt he’s now determined to hold his family together. As he heads to the hospital to support Leanne, offering to work whatever hours it takes to keep Nick’s business running, Gail insists she’s never been more proud of him.

Also, Craig’s clearly troubled but desperate to throw Beth off the scent he claims his turmoil is down to him thinking about his dad. Beth’s heartbroken, knowing he’ll never be part of Craig’s life. But is this really the root of Craig’s problems? and Faye’s upset as she prepares to say goodbye to Tim.