Reminding Seb that Faye’s only 15, Tim threatens him with the police unless he finishes with her. Faye’s heartbroken when Seb calls and dumps her. But is that really the end of their relationship?

Erica feels guilty when Dev, Aadi and Asha throw her an impromptu birthday party. Meanwhile Anna’s incensed to find out Kevin’s  researched her medication on the internet and accuses him of being obsessed with sex.

Craig starts to fear that Neil is not the man he seems and is left troubled by his thoughts.

Roy returns home to find that Brian has ‘a girlfriend’ stuck in the bathroom. When he spots Cathy’s coat on the rack, the game is up. As a sheepish Cathy emerges from the bathroom, how will Roy react?

Eva’s baffled when Aidan nags her to come back to the flat to talk. Is he about to confess all about his affair with Maria?