The Braxtons wait nervously for the jury’s verdict and are relieved when Casey’s found not guilty of murder. However, he is found guilty of armed robbery, something that infuriates Brax and Heath. Now they have to wait for the judge’s sentence. Fortunately, he gets five years good behaviour with periodic detention, better than his lawyer could have hoped for, and Casey is over the moon. Later, Sasha, who’s clearly jealous of Tamara, asks her what her plans are and she flees, feeling unwanted. Casey goes after her, however, and convinces her to stay around Summer Bay for a while, something Sasha isn’t pleased about.

Meanwhile, Indi senses that Romeo is hiding something to do with Dex and confronts him. He admits she’s right but he can’t talk about it – he’s sworn to secrecy. Later, after a talk with Sasha, Dex realises he has to tell April about his condition but when he does she’s upset he didn’t tell her sooner.

And Heath notices that Kyle isn’t celebrating Casey’s win and gets him to admit he’s unhappy that his father’s killer got off lightly. Sensing he needs to grieve, Heath takes him to Danny’s grave to find closure. Later, the police come for Kyle and he reminds his brothers of the help they promised.