Time Heist

Lovestruck Clara is on cloud nine as she prepares for her second date with fellow teacher Danny Pink this week, but then comes a phone call that throws her romantic plans out of the window.

It’s the phone in the TARDIS that’s ringing, and the Doctor knows any calls to that number must be an extreme emergency!

Having picked up the phone, the Doctor and Clara find themselves suddenly transported to a puzzling planet with two equally bemused companions who’ve also been unwittingly transported there, too.

There, the motley quartet are given orders by a mysterious figure who calls himself The Architect – to rob the most secure bank in the galaxy! Stranded without the Tardis, agreeing to complete the mission is the only way they can all escape.

But standing in their way is the bank’s ruthless Head of Security, Ms Delphox, played by Spooks and Ashes To Ashes star Keeley Hawes, and she soon demonstrates to the band of four some of her chilling punishments awaiting anyone who dares to cross her…

Devious Ms Delphox’s security systems include DNA-activated locks and a powerful creature called The Teller, who has telepathic powers! But the Doctor has been given some useful gadgets by the Architect, and discovers his and Clara’s new partners in crime – an ‘augmented’ human called Psi and a mutant human named Saibra – have some special talents…