The sins of the father return to haunt the daughter in this tense episode, which sees DCs Jacob ‘Banksy’ Banks and Mickey Webb working together on the case of the missing 15-year-old daughter of a killer.

Saskia Fuller has been visiting alcoholic dad Eamonn in prison, where he was put 13 years earlier for the murder of Paul Vincent while he was drunk. Eamonn’s served his time for the crime and is due for release but then Saskia disappears. As part of his routine enquiries, Banksy visits Paul’s widow, Trudy (guest star Pippa Haywood – Green Wing, Kingdom). If she knows anything, she’s not saying – she still hates Eamonn for what he did to her husband. Eamonn is more useful… He has letters from Saskia in which she mentions her boyfriend – who is Richard Vincent, Trudy’s son. It’s clear now what has happened to Saskia…

Banksy tells Trudy what Richard has done and it’s clear she knew nothing about his abduction of Saskia. She agrees to phone Richard and begs him to surrender but he hangs up. Keeping ’em peeled pays off for the officers, though, and Richard is found and arrested. But he’s an angry young man who wants revenge and is not interested in showing forgiveness. So, no, he won’t tell Mickey and Banksy what he has done with Saskia.

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