Max feels guilty about scamming Masood and fails to talk him out of the ‘property investment’. Max draws up a fake contract and tells Phil he’ll have his money by 4.30. Phil sweats when Isaacs and his heavies turn up for their cash as Ian and Masood linger over the contract. Ian signs the contract ‘Mickey Mouse’ and tells them he knows exactly what they’re up to. Ian and Masood meet up with Archie, who tipped them off about Max and Phil’s scam. Later, Ben finds a beaten Phil battered and bruised.

Ronnie is evasive when Roxy asks her who fathered her baby and tells Roxy that he’s already done a runner. Roxy works out that the baby’s father is Owen and Ronnie is defensive when Roxy is horrified she’s got pregnant by an ex-con. Liz, meanwhile, decides to leave Walford. Ronnie fails to tell her about the baby.

Amira feels guilty when Masood catches her with a ripped up visiting order for her dad in prison. Masood is sympathetic and agrees not to tell Syed. Masood later talks about his turbulent history with Syed but tells Amira that he will always be loyal to his family and Amira reconsiders her relationship with her father.

Also, Whitney secretly writes a letter to Tony.

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