The Time Team – Sky Cinema Premiere

An entertainingly bonkers animated adventure spin-off from Russian children's TV series Kikoriki

An entertainingly bonkers animated adventure spin-off from Russian children’s TV series Kikoriki.

The colourful anthropomorphic animal team is lead by exuberant blue rabbit Krash (voiced by George Bailey), a reckless bunny for whom danger plus stupidity equals fun.

Looking for a birthday treat for orange bear buddy Barry (Mike Pollock), his bright wheeze is to contact time-travel agency DéjaVu, but the promised adventure ends up scattering the friends through the Jurassic era, Ancient China, the Middle Ages and Wild West, doing all sorts of mischief to the space-time continuum.

Out of the resulting temporal paradox pops Krash’s time clone Shark, a level-headed alter ego who does his best to put things right. However, DéjaVu’s Agent 3630 (an ambitiously self-seeking mole) is determined to cover up his own bungling part in the affair. Which could spell the end of the gang, if he manages to wrest the all-important ‘Chrono-woozo-whatsa-widget-thingamajig-time-clicker thing’ from the grip of Krash and Shark.

What younger viewers will make of this is anyone’s guess. The hopscotching narrative is dizzying, while the rat-a-tat gags will fly over kids’ heads and leave older viewers breathless.

Hang on for the ride, though, and the whole crazy caboodle is enormous fun.

This film premieres on Saturday 15th December.