When forensics confirm that the body that was pulled out of the river was that of Pc Honey Harman, DCI Jack Meadows gives corrupt cop Zain one last chance to tell the truth – but Zain maintains that Honey wasn’t at Bonham Wharf on the night of the drug deal.

Whilst being interrogated by DCI Alan Lees from MIT, Zain loses his cool when he’s then asked why the bullet which killed Honey came from his gun! Jack allows Zain to go home and take a shower but tells him to come straight back to work – and asks DS Phil Hunter and DI Neil Manson to secretly trail Zain.

When the cop’s fingerprints are found on the footbridge at Bonham Wharf, Jack demands that Phil and Neil arrest him – but they lose him. But when they receive information from Zain’s informant, Chez Williams, it’s up to DC Terry Perkins and DC Mickey Webb to bring Zain in.

Elsewhere, Zain meets Kristen Shaw at a hotel. Before they leave, Zain finds a gun in Kristen’s bag and secretly removes the bullets. They arrive in Docklands and as Kristen boards a boat to escape, armed officers begin to surround the area. When Zain says they should confess, Kristen points her gun at him.

As Kristen fires the unloaded gun, Jack, Neil and Phil storm the docks and arrest them both.