Tim’s illiteracy leads to a public embarrassment

Tim is thrilled with the flyers he has had made for his window cleaning business, but they make more of an impact than he had expected – thanks to an unfortunate typing error. When Maddie catches people sniggering over them, she makes it her mission to try and get all the flyers off the streets.

Kylie tells David she is poorly so can’t go to work. Once he has gone she heads for the bus where Eva finds her and offers to accompany her to her old neighbourhood. At the pub she finds Gemma, but there is no sign of Max’s dad Callum – until she is about to leave and he walks in with all his mates.

Mary is furious to find Norris and Rita gossiping about a possible burgeoning romance between Julie and Dev. As her jealously simmers she decides she needs a plan to get her man back onside.

Also, Liz confides in Eileen that Jim is using his hold over Peter to blackmail her into visiting him in prison.